Personaliti popular Datuk Mahadzir Lokman kini semakin stabil dan sudah boleh berkomunikasi dengan pelawat.

Adiknya, Danial Lokman memberikan khabar gembira kepada peminat yang sentiasa mendoakannya.

“Salam semua… Alhamdulillah my brother Dato Mahadzir Lokman has now been transferred to the normal ward of PPUM as his condition is now stabil.

“He is expected to undergo treatment for another week before doctors can certify that he is well enough to be discharged.

“He is in good spirit since yesterday and able to have conversation with visitors.

“On behalf of the Datuk Lokman family, I would like to thank all the staff of the ICU wing of PPUM & the medical team headed by senior consultant Prof Syahnaz Hasan,” tulis Danial  (Danny)